We believe that vacations are not only for the body but for the soul as well!

What do we do?

Our self-development workshops for groups and individuals are based on a fun and creative activities, which main purpose is to gain more awareness about yourself as well as about surrounding environment. Our sessions are individualized and should be treated more as a guidance rather than lectures.

Under the sea

Come to Talikud! Not many people know about existence of this place and its 2,5 km2 coral reefs. You can find here exotic species of fish, turtles, starfish and many other colorful creatures of the ocean. For those passionate about wreck diving near Davao and Talikud there are ships from WWII open for exploration.

On the wave

Interested in surfing?
Doesn’t matter whether you’ve been passionate about this sport for years or you want to try it for the first time, you can be sure that surfing in Mati will be exactly what you are looking for. You'll fall in love with that place.

It's more fun in the Philippines

Let’s stay in touch

Apart from our main focus on self development guidance we can give some tips and offer advice in regard to accommodation, how to organize diving, surfing or any other activities you’re interested in.

Just contact us if you have any questions.